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GOOD MOVE! MUSIC is dedicated to improving the life chances of young people living in London through supercharging their creativity and helping them to become better skilled, more confident and happier musicians.

Specialising in improvisation and composition skills, we deliver a wide range of creative music making activities across the greater London area.

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“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for all of the effort, hard work and perseverance you put into the project. The kids absolutely loved it and I had at least ten parents come up to me when the kids went home to say how impressed they were.

The same is true for Alyson and Diana, our head and deputy head. It was a really great show and far exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

-Paul Keane. Year 5 Teacher


GMM’s work can be broken into three basic formats:

  • Workshops – one off sessions designed to focus on a few elements
  • Projects – a series of workshops programmed to meet the needs of your group
  • Activities – this title covers a broad range of possible areas within our work where the aims are less specifically about music education and targeted more at creating engaging music experiences for participants

The GMM method has been devised and developed by individuals who have a vast experience of studying, performing and educating in music and have devoted their lives to developing their own musical creativity.

A mixture of precise and carefully planned detail with a high level of flexibility and bespoke structuring for clients means that GMM always provides an excellent service.

Workshops and projects are designed bespoke to meet the needs of your group. Please get in touch to discuss the parameters of your needs and we will be able to give you a quote CONTACT

Where does GMM fit in?

GMM Pie Chart

GMM believes strongly that there are 4 main elements to a young person’s successful engagement with music and music education.

Young people need:

  1. An instrument + a teacher (one without the other is not much use)
  2. An ensemble to rehearse and share with (these take many forms from orchestras to rock bands and beyond)
  3. Concerts to perform at (gigs etc - whatever you like to call them)
  4. Inspiration and imagination fuel (that's where we help)

What about the other important things like reading music, singing, technology, theory, etc?

Of course GMM believes these are important and necessary.

We believe that by delivering the top 4 elements, other key factors will naturally feed into a student's education.



GMM will support your young people in all 4 key elements, but our main focus is inspiration! Alongside attending concerts/gigs young people need to have a wide range of music making experiences and workshops to fuel their imagination and broaden their horizons.

Young people who take part in GMM projects...

  • are more confident about their composing, improvising and performing skills
  • are more enthusiastic about playing in ensembles, learning new material and playing live
  • engage better with fellow students and music making generally

GMM Works With:

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3+4

A Levels

Extended Schools

Gifted and Talented

Challenging Circumstances



Cameron is a musician, composer and producer and has worked in voluntary arts participation and learning for 20 years.

As a professional musician playing piano, saxophone and electronics, he has specialised in improvised and experimental art forms and has followed a career across a broad spectrum of music styles including jazz, pop, electronic music and theatre sound-design. He has performed in some of the UK’s premiere venues and festivals and has toured his native Australia extensively.

Alongside his music career, Cameron has worked across the voluntary arts sector in his native Australia and in the UK, working with participants from a wide spectrum of age/ethnicity/socio-economic demographics from primary school children to the aged to young offenders and non-English speaking groups.

Cameron has managed and delivered a huge range of projects and programmes that include music training for primary school teachers, digital music media, youth theatre and broadcast journalism. From 2007 – 2009 he managed the education work for international music producers/promoters Serious, who are best known for running the EFG London Jazz Festival and most recently he has designed and delivered major learning and participation projects for the Southbank Centre and Barbican in London.


Alex is a London based trumpeter, composer and educator who is involved in a host of improv, jazz and contemporary music projects.

He is a member of the ground-breaking LOOP Collective, a collaboration of some of London’s finest improvising musicians and composers, and he has toured throughout the UK and Europe extensively both as a band leader and as a side-man alongside such notable musicians as Brian Irvine, Graham Collier and Paul Dunmall.

Alex has more than 10 years of educating experience, both inside and outside the mainstream education system. Working for Impro Integrated Music Projects with musical director Eddie Parker (the influential former Loose Tubes flautist and composer) Alex helped to deliver large scale music projects across London including 'People Symphony' and ‘Groove On’ a programme designed for transitional aged students.

Currently, Alex supports GCSE and A Level music students at a north London school as well as teaching trumpet and delivering workshops for organisations such as Serious, Sing Up and the Barbican.

Suman Sandhu (Chair)

Suman’s sales and marketing experience originates from the charity sector where she has worked for a range of organisations. Causes have included children’s, health and social exclusion charities.

She has experience of managing successful cause-related marketing campaigns, employee fundraising programmes, event sponsorship and multi-million pound corporate partnerships.

Sarah Coombes

Sarah has significant experience of undertaking qualitative and quantitative research in the public and voluntary and community sectors. She has worked on projects at both a national and local level, focusing on a range of social policy areas, including health, housing, employability, education and voluntary sector development and reconfiguration.

Sarah currently works as a freelance consultant for a range of clients including the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and the Royal National Lifeboad Institution. She has also worked with universities, community development agencies, statutory bodies and charities. She has particular experience and interest in community development and working with BAME and ‘marginalised’ groups.

Matthew Tillett

Matthew's background is in economics and financial analysis. He works as a fund manager for Allianz Global Investors, where he specialises in the UK stock market. He has extensive contacts within the City of London and the UK business community.

Matthew has substantial experience in assessing corporate strategy and business plans. His qualifications include the Investment Management Certificate and he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification.